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Belarusian National Technical University

Toegevoegd op 5 juni 2020

Creating a comprehensive model based on artificial intelligence and optimizing resources based on artificial intelligence.

The development of smart city solutions helps to improve the quality of life in the city. The creation of smart city solutions is not only connected with the development and application of technologies: it requires new skills in networking and management. 

The situation in the smart city is constantly updated and is associated with the conflicting interests of the participants. The project proposes to eliminate disunity with the help of a single virtual government official based on artificial intelligence. The project concentrates the resources of the city and aims to support the local economy. It ensures companies promote their interests and promote local products through longterm initiatives. 

Read more. This idea is an entry from the Ondernemerspitch. An initiative of the Amsterdam Economic Board and Rabobank Amsterdam in collaboration with the municipality of Amsterdam, ORAM, VNO-NCW, MKB and amsterdam&partners.

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Belarusian National Technical University - Collaborate on the creation of a smart city core

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