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Creative Protopia in times of Covid-19

Toegevoegd op 28 april 2020

Encourage responsive behaviour by driving people to imagine pathways of dealing with crises (like COVID) using creative expression.

The corona crisis has shaken society up. In this time, we realise the importance of responsive behaviour and good leadership. Amsterdam is a city thriving with creatives. For the future, a blend of creativity and responsive behaviour can take us towards protopia. This initiative is for creatives who are interested in thinking and disruptive models for the future of society.

When somebody signs up for this initiative via email, they will be given a call and interviewed about their creative interests and societal interests. For example - John contacts us and says he loves music and he is interested in the economy. After the interview, we will create a scenario based on this interview and send it to him via email/call. "John, imagine a scenario where COVID is declining and its time for us to get back to our daily lives. However, there is still a risk for it to come back. A re-imagining of the economy is required at this moment. Using the inspiration of music, create a sequence for this scenario. What would your creative expression be? We will contact you after the closest weekend for an update." Once John creates and submits this, his input (with permission) will be displayed on our Facebook page to create a connection with more people (creating a community). Such creative expression will encourage people to imagine alternate futures, possible methods of leadership and ultimately, encourage a ready, creative and connected society in times of Covid. 

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