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Hypanel - Air-purifying solution

Toegevoegd op: 5 juni 2020

Hypanel can help thousands of businesses and save jobs, starting in the Netherlands and partnering globally.

Wat is het?
Hypanel is a solution to reopen restaurant and other shared spaces safely and profitably. Hypanel is a transparent partition which enables separation of space while purifying the air.
Voor wie?
Businesses can use Hypanels instead of social distancing. This allows them to have more employees and serve more customers, operating at a higher capacity and profitability. 

Waarom heeft de horeca dit nodig?
Hypanel is a solution to the problem brought by the COVID-19 lockdown and social distancing restrictions on restaurants’ profitability due to significant capacity reduction. 

Social distancing requirements of 1,5 meters between tables will decrease a restaurant’s capacity by between 38% and 65%. Hypanels allow restaurants to re-gain this lost capacity, while keeping clients and employees safe.

Hoe werkt het?
The suction force of the panels above the table surface cause aerosol particles leaving a person’s airways (source) to evaporate quickly in the air.

Any pathogen becoming airborne after small droplet evaporation is captured through suction entries, filtered by a ULPA filter and activated carbon filters. After filtering, the air is further dis-germinated by high-intensity UVC lights. Purified and sterilized air can be released back into the atmosphere.

For bigger droplets that do not evaporate in the air and land on the surfaces, evaporation occurs in 2-30 minutes depending on size, humidity and temperature. Hypanel allows faster drying of droplets. For surface pathogens, other measures are required (i.e. disinfecting wiping in between occupation of the tables).
Read more. This idea is an entry from the Ondernemerspitch. An initiative of the Amsterdam Economic Board and Rabobank Amsterdam in collaboration with the municipality of Amsterdam, ORAM, VNO-NCW, MKB and amsterdam&partners.






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